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Jul. 13th, 2017 12:36 am
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IIBB 2017 is on the road and we're ready to go! *vroom*

Part friending post, part support group – get to know your fellow par-id-cipants here! (Thanks to [personal profile] ngeonger for the idea!)

Want to talk wordcounts, inspiration and progress? Swap writing tips? Or just flail over the awesome things you're creating? This post is the place. *hurtles headfirst into the id vortex* This will also be the place for weekly discussions!

Stop in to chat with fellow iddybangers, or see how others are doing on their journey to the center of the id! \o/
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Vetinari probably despises me right now. But it's only because he's #1 in my heart that he's also, uh ... my first choice of victim, haha. I just love making him pine, and making him force himself to pine even more due to the canon dangers of him and Drumknott entering into a relationship with each other. On the other hand, I sometimes do some terrible things to Drumknott to crush Vetinari even further ...
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I'm finally writing! Nobody hates me right now I don't think but that's mostly because I'm in the process of making sure somebody doesn't die off pointlessly the way she does in canon.

....I'm a little afraid that I'm writing "babby's first feminist awakening" fic but w/e, I am writing the story my id wants for this character.
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I don't think anyone really *hates* me yet. Finn probably will when he wakes up from a month-long coma and finds out his best friends are fucking, though.


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