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We few, we iddy few, we band of idders! The first check-in is here, and we're so excited for it!

Share where you're at in the writing process or a description of your current piece – and if you'd like, how close you are to finishing! Or just say hi, or have a bit of a gripe.

(As always – having problems? Contact us!)
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Look for a beta or offer to beta here!
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Sign-ups are a wrap!

Our first check-in will be August 15 (4 weeks from now), and fanworks will be due Sept 12. In the meantime, you can join us at the chat post for some deliciously iddy talk! Happy idding, everyone!
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Iddybangers! Already stoked and want to get writing? We present to you a brainstorming post of goodness!

Feel free to bounce ideas around in the comments – tropes, plots, pairings, anything goes! The only limit is your imagination (and definitely not the bounds of good taste). \o/

For the uninitiated, we've included a primer and some common tropes under the cut:

What is idfic? )

A list of traditionally iddy tropes! )


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