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About a week before artist/mixer signups, we will e-mail all authors who signed up for art/mix matching and request the following:

1) Any material you would like to put up publicly for claiming (e.g. updates to the idea you submitted at sign-ups, a fic summary, or a fic draft)
2) Any material you would not like to put up publicly for claiming, but which you want to send your artist/mixer
3) Whether you want to participate in random matching (this will only happen if your fic is not already claimed and there are artists/mixers also willing to participate)
4) (If you sent us contact info privately) Whether it is fine for us to give your contact information to your artist/mixer. If not, any details not in the material submitted for claiming will be ODAO.
5) Any DNWs

If you have any further questions about how art/mix matching will be done, do ask here.
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Iddy Iddy Bang Bang!

A glorious ballpit of idfic in mini-bang format. A smorgasbord of shamelessness.

Been wanting to write that epic frotfest where woobie slave! Steve Rogers runs away with werewolf Loki and they ride off into the sunset? Come on in, we'd love to have you!

Round One (IIBB 2015)
Round Two (IIBB 2016)

Round 3: July 10-Sept 12 2017

July 10: Sign-ups and prompt pool open
July 17: Sign-ups and prompt pool close.
Aug 15: Check-in
Sept 05: Check-in, redux
Sept 08: Drop date
Sept 12: Assignments due, posting begins.
Sept 19: Iddy Iddy Bang Bang concludes!

Sept 26: Amnesty Date 1
Oct 12: Amnesty Date 2

Welcome back! *\o/*

FAQs are here!

Rules are here!

What's new this round is here!

Sign-up here!

The prompt pool is here!

Beta post is here!

You can find us on AO3 here! We're on Tumblr! Right here!

Mods may be contacted at or via page-a-mod.


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