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Iddy Iddy Bang Bang, Round 2!

July 20-September 22 2016

A glorious ballpit of idfic in mini-bang format. A smorgasbord of shamelessness.

Been wanting to write that epic frotfest where woobie slave! Steve Rogers runs away with werewolf Loki and they ride off into the sunset? Come on in, we'd love to have you!

July 20: Sign-ups and prompt pool open
July 31: Sign-ups and prompt pool close.
Aug 17: Check-in
Sept 3: Check-in, redux
Sept 15: Assignments due, posting begins.
Sept 22: Iddy Iddy Bang Bang concludes!

We missed you! *\o/*
For previous idbangers: we’re going for a more traditional bang this round, which means the kinkmeme will not be running. If you defaulted last round: come back and try again!

FAQs are here!

Rules are here!

Sign-up here!

The prompt pool can be found here.

You can find us on AO3 here! We're on Tumblr! Right here!

Mods may be contacted at or via page-a-mod.
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Now that we're getting down and dirty into the center of the id--

Which character hates you the most right now? Whump? Angst? Tragic noncon? What terrible things have they suffered, all for the sake of the id?

Join us over at the chat post!
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Artist and Mixer Sign-ups!

\o/ If you'd like to claim a fic and participate as an artist or mixer, please reply to this post! All comments are unscreened.

Fic up for grabs! )

Writers: don't see your fic on the list and want it there? See your fic on the list and don't want it there? Let us know!
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If you've signed up for art/mix matching and haven't emailed an updated summary or let us know we can use your fic idea, please ping the mods so we know you're still interested!

We'll open calls for artists/mixers on Tuesday, 23 August.

Also, last chance to check in if you haven't yet!
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Iddy Bang is well underway! We've talked about fic ideas and canons, and now it's time to go deeper:

Would a detachable sex tentacle fit anywhere in your story?

Join us at the chat post! Also, a reminder to check in if you haven't yet.
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Iddybangers! The first check-in is upon us, and we are both awed and elated. \o/

Share where you're at in the writing process or a description of your current piece – and if you'd like, how close you are to finishing! Or just say hi.

(Reminder that if you miss both check-ins and we can’t reach you, you will be considered as having dropped out! Having problems? Contact us!)
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\o/ Coming soon to an iddy bang near you, check in #1! The post will go up two days from now on August 17.
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We loved your majestic tales of id-spiration last week! Discussion will remain open while we move on to week two:

What's your favorite thing about the canon you're writing for? For origfic writers, what's your favorite thing about the world you're creating?

Join us over at the chat post!
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Hello! Just a heads-up that we've emailed those who indicated interest in mix/matching on their sign-ups, so please check your spam folder if it hasn't shown up!

If you plan on submitting an updated summary for potential artists/mixers, it will be due August 12th.

Thank you! \o/

ETA: If you did not receive your email and don’t see it in your spam folder, please let us know!
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It's true! We'll be running a weekly discussion this round if you're into that sort of thing! Topic suggestions are welcome.

This week: Tell us of the idifc of your heart. How'd you come up with your fic idea?

Join us over at the chat post!
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Sign-ups are a wrap!

Our first check-in will be August 17 (2.5 weeks from now), and fanworks will be due Sept 15. In the meantime, you can join us at the chat post for some deliciously iddy talk! Happy idding, everyone!
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If you gaze long into the id, the id will gaze back into you, and sign-ups are closing soon!

Today, July 31st is the last day for sign-ups. The post will close when mods wake up on Monday.

Thank you!

Chat Post

Jul. 22nd, 2016 11:20 pm
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IIBB 2016 is officially underway and we're so excited!

Part friending post, part support group – get to know your fellow par-id-cipants here! (Thanks to [personal profile] ngeonger for the idea!)

Want to talk wordcounts, inspiration and progress? Swap writing tips? Or just flail over the awesome things you're creating? This post is the place. *settles back for iddy talk time*

Stop in to chat with fellow iddybangers, or see how others are doing on their journey to the center of the id! \o/


Jul. 19th, 2016 11:26 pm
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Sign-ups are open!

The signup form is here! The prompt pool is also open for business!

Both signups and the prompt pool will run through the 31st. Happy idding! :D
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Hello! Just a quick post to clarify a few things:

1) We are opening this year's bang to art and mixes as well as fic. If you want to do something iddy in a medium that is not one of the above three, just let us know and we'll be glad to add it!

2) Re. art/mix matching: we were leaning towards not running mix/matching this year. But we have had some interest, so:

Authors, if you would like to be matched with someone who will create art or a fanmix for your fic, please let us know in your sign-up. Similarly, artists and mixers, please indicate in your signup if you would be interested in working with ficcers. This is not a binding commitment, but we ask that you be reasonably sure about wanting to participate so we can get accurate numbers!

tl;dr: We can't promise anything, but we'll try! (If you just want to do your own thing, this will not effect your sign-up.)

*\o/* Signups open tomorrow! We can smell fresh id in the air...
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Sign up here!

Sign-ups are open July 20th through July 31st.

Ids of all stripes and ratings are welcome! Please be sure to read through the rules and FAQ before signing up. This post is for sign-ups only. If you have any questions, please direct them to iddybang (at) gmail or the page-a-mod post.

Contact email: (If you don't want it publicly visible, PM [personal profile] iddybangmod with the address, or email us.)
Are you signing up as a writer, artist or mixer?:
Idea or summary (if any): (Fandom/pairing, prompt -- you can change your mind later! If you don't know yet, that's fine too. More than one bang entry is okay; just make sure you can finish them all!)
(optional) Are you interested in art/mix matching?:

All comments are unscreened. If you would prefer to sign-up privately, PM [personal profile] iddybangmod or email us at iddybang (at) gmail dot com.
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Comment here with your prompts, or to claim prompts! List of prompts is arranged alphabetically by fandom.

If you want to claim a prompt and write that fic for Iddy Iddy Bang Bang, your claim will be due with your sign-up by July 31.

Unclaimed prompts A to M! )

Unclaimed prompts N to Z! )
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Hold onto your sweet janglies, there's one more!

We'd like to draw your attention to the excellent Fight Night by [personal profile] garden_hoe21. Thanks for sticking it out!

And that's a wrap! See you next round!
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Title: Fight Night

Author: [personal profile] garden_hoe21

Fandom: Mixed Martial Arts RPF (with serial numbers filed off); Electronic Dance Music RPF

Word Count: 5262

Rating: Explicit

Warnings/triggers/tags/spoilers/content notes: These are not spoiler tagged at the AO3 link )

Original prompt: Read more... )

Summary: The alphas trample through her flower garden and mark the side of the house with piss, the unmistakable Fight Night musk of testosterone, alcohol, and pseudoephedrine filling the night air. If alphas knew omegas could smell performance enhancing drugs... they would continue to use them. As they leave, one round-faced Bantamweight yells something about how she would rough up the “do-nothing bitches” inside. Her friends laugh as they continue to the big event.

(See ao3 link for author notes and acknowledgements)
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Thanks for playing! :D *throws confetti*

Here's a master list of the amazing tales for this round. (And there's a few more coming, so watch this space!)

So good you'll need a fainting couch! )

Talkback )

Reminder that all extensions are due November 5th!
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