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[sticky entry] Sticky: Welcome to Iddy Iddy Bang Bang! ★☆

Iddy Iddy Bang Bang!

A glorious ballpit of idfic in mini-bang format. A smorgasbord of shamelessness.

Been wanting to write that epic frotfest where woobie slave! Steve Rogers runs away with werewolf Loki and they ride off into the sunset? Come on in, we'd love to have you!

Round One (IIBB 2015)
Round Two (IIBB 2016)

Round 3: July 10-Sept 12 2017

July 10: Sign-ups and prompt pool open
July 17: Sign-ups and prompt pool close.
Aug 15: Check-in
Sept 05: Check-in, redux
Sept 08: Drop date
Sept 12: Assignments due, posting begins.
Sept 19: Iddy Iddy Bang Bang concludes!

Sept 26: Amnesty Date 1
Oct 12: Amnesty Date 2

Welcome back! *\o/*

FAQs are here!

Rules are here!

What's new this round is here!

Sign-up here!

The prompt pool is here!

Beta post is here!

You can find us on AO3 here! We're on Tumblr! Right here!

Mods may be contacted at or via page-a-mod.
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Check-In #1: Iddy on Ice ★☆

We few, we iddy few, we band of idders! The first check-in is here, and we're so excited for it!

Share where you're at in the writing process or a description of your current piece – and if you'd like, how close you are to finishing! Or just say hi, or have a bit of a gripe.

(As always – having problems? Contact us!)
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Iddy Talk Time #4!

Almost halfway to the grand id-finale!

Which character hates you the most right now? Do they suffer from an acute case of whump? Angst? Tragic noncon? What terrible tribulations must they undergo, all for the sake of the id?

Join us over at the chat post!

Also, a reminder that Check-in #1 will be in five days' time, on August 15th. See you there!
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Beta offers and requests 2017

Look for a beta or offer to beta here!
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Iddy Talk Time #3!

Week three! Time to go deeper:

Would a detachable sex tentacle fit anywhere in your story?

Join us over at the chat post!
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Iddy Talk Time #2!

Full speed ahead to week two! \o/

What's your favorite thing about the canon you're writing for? For origfic writers, what's your favorite thing about the world you're creating?

Join us over at the chat post!
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Iddy Talk Time #1!

It's back! A weekly discussion thread, just for you! (Topic suggestions are welcome.)

This week: Tell us of the idfic of your heart. How'd you come up with your fic idea?

Join us over at the chat post!
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Sign-ups closed!

Sign-ups are a wrap!

Our first check-in will be August 15 (4 weeks from now), and fanworks will be due Sept 12. In the meantime, you can join us at the chat post for some deliciously iddy talk! Happy idding, everyone!
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Last call for sign ups!


Today, July 17 is the last day for sign-ups. The post will close when mods wake up on Tuesday.

Thank you!
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Chat Post

IIBB 2017 is on the road and we're ready to go! *vroom*

Part friending post, part support group – get to know your fellow par-id-cipants here! (Thanks to [personal profile] ngeonger for the idea!)

Want to talk wordcounts, inspiration and progress? Swap writing tips? Or just flail over the awesome things you're creating? This post is the place. *hurtles headfirst into the id vortex* This will also be the place for weekly discussions!

Stop in to chat with fellow iddybangers, or see how others are doing on their journey to the center of the id! \o/
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Iddy Sign-Up!

Sign up here!Now closed!

Sign-ups are open July 10th through July 17th.

Ids of all stripes and ratings are welcome! Please be sure to read through the rules and FAQ before signing up. This post is for sign-ups only. If you have any questions, please direct them to iddybang (at) gmail or the page-a-mod post.

Contact email: (If you don't want it publicly visible, PM [personal profile] iddybangmod with the address, or email us.)
Are you signing up as a writer, artist or mixer?:
Idea or summary (if any): (Fandom/pairing, prompt -- you can change your mind later! If you don't know yet, that's fine too. More than one bang entry is okay; just make sure you can finish them all!)

All comments are unscreened. That means your signup will be visible. If you would prefer to sign-up privately, PM [personal profile] iddybangmod or email us at iddybang (at) gmail dot com.
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Prompt Pool 2017

Comment here with your prompts, or to claim prompts! List of prompts is arranged alphabetically by fandom.

If you want to claim a prompt and write that fic for Iddy Iddy Bang Bang 2017, your claim will be due with your sign-up by July 17.

Unclaimed prompts A to M! )

Unclaimed prompts N to Z! )
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Brainstorming Post and FAQ!

If you missed it on your reading list, we will be opening sign-ups July 10! *\o/* This year's rules and FAQ are here, and the brand-new brainstorming post is here. See you soon!
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Brainstorming Post and Primer!

Iddybangers! Already stoked and want to get writing? We present to you a brainstorming post of goodness!

Feel free to bounce ideas around in the comments – tropes, plots, pairings, anything goes! The only limit is your imagination (and definitely not the bounds of good taste). \o/

For the uninitiated, we've included a primer and some common tropes under the cut:

What is idfic? )

A list of traditionally iddy tropes! )
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Participation Banners/Curtain Call

Under the cut is an index of all participation banners for round two!

Participation index! )

This is the last post for Iddy Iddy Iddy Bang Bang 2016! Round three is scheduled for 10 July-12 Sept 2017, so please continue to check back and watch the community for more information!

Thanks again for participating! You are all the idficcers of our hearts. See you next time! *\o/*
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★☆IIBB 2016 is a wrap!☆★

That's a wrap! \o/

It's been an id-credible eight weeks of iddy goodness, and we're checking in at 16 delicious stories by 15 writers.

Iddy Iddy Bang Bang! 2016 Masterlist

A New Home (original) by nonnymouse

Aeromancy (Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance) by [personal profile] bonnefois

Sacrificial Magic (Harry Potter) by [personal profile] rose_stonewall

Spy in the House of Love (Star Wars TFA) by [personal profile] gloss

The Box (Doctor Who [2005]) by [personal profile] merryghoul

First Threesome (Doctor Who [2005]) by [personal profile] merryghoul

Cultural Sensitivity (Star Wars Prequel Trilogy) by [personal profile] dreamiflame

Time Out (Kuroko no Basuke) by [personal profile] yrindor

Transformation (Original Fic) by [personal profile] ghostwings

The Fruit of Your Intents (Chronicles of Amber - Roger Zelazny) by [personal profile] the_rck

Delusions That Bite (Kamen Rider Amazons) by [personal profile] ngeonger

a little too much, could never be enough (Shadowhunters) by [personal profile] pameluke

The Pleasure Slaves of Timoria (Original Fic) by [personal profile] unbekannt2020

His Beloved (Shadowhunters) by [personal profile] jiokra

but you better never pull it (Homestuck) by [personal profile] cerberusia

The Message (Original Fic) by [personal profile] theoriesontales

Thank you all for a great IIBB2016, and we hope you'll join us again for Iddy Bang 2017! Next time around, Iddy Bang will run a little earlier in the year (early July- early Sept). We're also tossing around the idea of post-fest amnesty dates.

In the meantime, we'd like to pick your brains. What did you think? Is there anything we can do to improve? Please let us know in the comments - we'd like to make next round even better!
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Last Call for Posting

If you were scheduled to post and did not, please contact us by Sept 30 if you would like to participate next round! Mods have tried to get in touch. Thank you!

The Message (Original Fic)

Title: The Message
Word Count:

At the eve of losing a war, Prince Nicholas finds out that a man who claims to be the revered Marshal of his enemy has voluntarily surrendered and has a message to deliver to him. The Prince decides to pay a visit to his prisoner with less than pure intentions.
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[personal profile] cerberusia2016-09-21 11:17 am

but you better never pull it (Homestuck)

Title: but you better never pull it
Author: Cerberusia
Fandom: Homestuck
Word Count: 5K
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Incest, possibly underage (Dave's age is not specified)
Summary: Bro and Dave, after the game.

Read on AO3!
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[personal profile] jiokra2016-09-20 02:20 pm

His Beloved (Shadowhunters)

Title: His Beloved
Author: [personal profile] jiokra 
Fandom: Shadowhunters
Word Count: 5118
Rating: Mature
No Archive Warnings Apply
Summary: Alec is subjected to a failed virgin sacrifice, failed because the rest of the Shadow World still believes Magnus and he are taking things slow. When he awakens from his near death experience, he can’t remember anything after the day just before meeting Clary. As the abandoned mansion in which the sacrifice was made begins to crumble, Alec is saved by the epitome of Downworlder depravity, Magnus Bane, who Alec feels himself grow drawn to despite his sound judgment.