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Jul. 13th, 2017 12:36 am
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IIBB 2017 is on the road and we're ready to go! *vroom*

Part friending post, part support group – get to know your fellow par-id-cipants here! (Thanks to [personal profile] ngeonger for the idea!)

Want to talk wordcounts, inspiration and progress? Swap writing tips? Or just flail over the awesome things you're creating? This post is the place. *hurtles headfirst into the id vortex* This will also be the place for weekly discussions!

Stop in to chat with fellow iddybangers, or see how others are doing on their journey to the center of the id! \o/
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I'd say, if I knew what I was going for haha. I ended up finishing the piece I was going to do early. (a link as it was asked for when I talked about it last time.)
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I still haven't yet decided which fandom to write for because I have just been ambushed by a new idea. I still have time?/hopeful.

I feel that I like my canon for very different reasons:

Star Trek: TOS: competency, loyalty, teamwork, action/adventure, colleagues who enjoy working together, genuine good and nice characters, scifi that tries to explore social issues

Count Cain: OTT gothic aesthetic, codependency, loyalty, the slash, murder mystery, crack, deeply flawed but interesting characters, competent immoral characters
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I'm writing Teen Wolf fic and even though it's an AU, I'm keeping the most important part: WEREWOLVES. :D
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From: [personal profile] halfeatenmoon
I'm writing for Star Wars: TFA, and it's hard to pick a favourite thing! I love so much about it! I think the key thing I love re: the fic I'm writing is how Finn has been trained not to care for anything but the First Order and obedience but he immediately forms these pretty intense loyalties towards Rey and Poe.


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