Sep. 11th, 2016

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*trumpets sound* :D

We're nearing the end of Iddy Iddy Bang Bang 2016, and the time has come to reveal your glorious iddy-work to the world! The posting schedule is as follows:

Friday, Sept 16 )
Saturday, Sept 17 )
Sunday, Sept 18 )
Monday, Sept 19 )
Tuesday, Sept 20 )
Wednesday, Sept 21 )
Thursday, Sept 22 )

Don't see yourself on the schedule? Contact us!

On your assigned day, please make a post to the this community containing your completed story -- or a link to it. You may also put the main text of the fic on your personal journal or on AO3 (the IIBB2016 collection is here, you may post to either or both collections). As long as the full text can be reached from your DW post, you're golden!

Posting template! )

If you would like us to post for you because you don't have a DW account or would like to remain completely anonymous, please email with the text of your story in the body of the email or as an attachment with any necessary HTML markup!

If you are unable to post on your assigned date or have other questions, including the asking of last-minute extensions, please let us know! Good luck and happy posting!


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